HORRIBLE: This woman ends up in the belly of a giant python

In her 50s was found dead in her garden in Indonesia, devoured by a 7-meter-long snake. The body of an intact Indonesian woman was found in the stomach of a 7-meter-long snake, who was arrested near police said she disappeared while working in her botanical garden.

“The residents suspected that the snake had swallowed the victim and killed him and then carried him out of the garden,” said the local police chief. “The belly of the snake was cut open, and the body of the victim found inside,” he added. According to him, it had been swallowed head first.

Villagers found the body of the 54-year-old Wa Taiba, which they had searched for the previous day in Persiapan Lawela, Mon Island, southeast of Sola Ji Kuesi. They discovered the giant snake, with its bulging belly, about thirty meters from a sandal, a good wo, and a sickle. The vegetable garden was located at the foot of a cliff known for housing snakes

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