Erdogan: We will not give up the manufacture of Turkish weapons

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan assured that although there are those trying to undermine Turkey’s defense industry through Tank Pallet, it will never give up on this goal.

This came during his participation in a speech marking the delivery of the first national TEI-TS1400 helicopter and the opening ceremony of the Design Center with a direct link, according to the New Turk Post translated what.

Erdogan said: “The Turkish defense factory, including the building and machinery, is a facility that costs 250 million dollars with everything. And whoever says that dollar has never seen a factory in his life does not know what 20 billion dollars mean.”

He showed that it will soon include all these engines in the inventory, as part of the fully homemade Turkish aircraft engines.

He stressed that Turkey’s efforts with the private sector approach all kinds of engine design and manufacturing steps in its goal of the country to be an outstanding figure in this field.

He explained that what happens when Turkey takes part with the Americans, Germans and British is the same with Qatari investors, no more or less, stressing that the hatred of investment and the mentality of distinguished investors based on their origin, which appears in transferring a 10 percent share of the Istanbul Stock Exchange, is clear.

He continued: “There is an investment need of 50 million dollars during the period of operation of the factory in Al-Arifi, and we know very well the reason for the intolerance of those who used the Turkish army as a shield to preserve the one-party fascism for years, which is now the army of the state and the nation only.”

He pointed out to those who express their dissatisfaction with the success of the Turkish army which was removed from tutelage, the coup, and the followers of Fethullah Gülen, in protecting the borders of his homeland and in cross-border operations with such excuses.

And he added, “We hope to strongly protect the engine projects and ensure that our country reaches its goals in this field. We are also planning to establish a stronger coordination system through the defense industry presidency and our executive committee, and we will continue to work to enter the top 10 economies in the world to reach Turkey’s goal for 2023.”

Source: newturkpost

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