Al-Baz defends Salma Al-Shimi: her crime is filming without a license

The media, Muhammad al-Baz, criticized the great controversy that prevailed on social media and in the media due to the photo session of Salma Al-Shimi, in the pyramids area.

Al-Baz said, in his program at the end of the day, broadcast on Al-Nahar TV, that after the photos of Salma Al-Shimi were shown on the communication sites, they accused her of insulting civilization and insulting the heritage.

and at the same time when another picture of a girl was shown in the veil at the pyramids, they said that the photo in it is an attempt to suppress identity The Egyptian Pharaonic, which confirms that there is a desire to set up battles, controversy and disagreement on anything.

He added that, in fact, the most extreme violation that Salma Al-Shimi committed is that she was photographed in an archaeological place without obtaining a license, but she did not insultization civil and heritage, especially since there are international artists and stars who have pictures at the pyramids and have not been accused of insulting the heritage.

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