A virologist warns: A new strain of Corona is coming from China in the coming days

Scientists are striving in full swing during the coming days to launch a vaccine to treat the Coronavirus so that by the new year 2021, the world is free of people infected with the Coronavirus.

Earth will recover a large percentage of this virus that has threatened Earth’s life for a year. However, after the vaccine was discovered and appeared, new strains of Coronavirus could be transmitted in China by some flying animals.

And according to what was reported by the British newspaper, “The Guardian,” a professor of virology warned the world of new strains of viruses that may be transmitted to humans in the same way that the Coronavirus is transmitted the entire world population, by bats. They live in places south of China. It is spread by some bats that carry viruses similar to the Covid 19 virus that spread in China in a short period of time.

Professor of virology “Shi Jili” explained that the new strain of viruses that we must track might not be in China only, and the tracking should be in the surrounding areas and tracking the journeys of bats in the migration seasons to reach the countries that they may reach and transmit viruses to them faster. A possible time until it does not spread to humans and a new catastrophe occurs.

The professor of viruses stressed that the world might face a new catastrophe that comes to it through these living organisms. However, it does not necessarily have its origin in China, so wherever these organisms are found, the disease is present in that country, so everyone should be careful in the coming days. He explained that the step to open the airspace in all airports was very wrong. Countries of the world may pay the price when they are unable to deter a pandemic.

It is worth noting that international pharmaceutical companies could not get a 100% result, confirming that the vaccine they had created would be able to protect a person from infection with the Coronavirus.

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