Maeva Ghennam arrested by Dubai police because of her outfit, she makes a big decision

After moving to Dubai, Maeva Ghennam decided to take a trip to a shopping center. But the star was quickly arrested after wandering around in a fairly light outfit. On Instagram, the Marseillaise announced that it had made a big decision.


Clearly, Maeva Ghennam’s move to Dubai is not going as planned. After being the victim of a robbery in Marseille, the reality TV star decided to leave France and settle in the United Arab Emirates.

But Greg’s ex had a lot of trouble with his little dog Hermes, who was ultimately not allowed to go to Dubai; the Marseillais star even feared that his dog would be euthanized once he arrived in the famous city.

It was therefore without her pet that Maeva Ghennam made her debut in Dubai, where she was greeted with joy by her little reality TV comrade; like any self-respecting influencer, the incendiary brunette went this Thursday, December 3, to a mall (the equivalent of a large shopping center, NDRL) to do some shopping.

” I did not know.”Unfortunately, she was quickly arrested by the police because of her scanty attire. “I didn’t know, the problem, when I’m hot, is that I strip myself a little bit,” she explained on Instagram this Friday, December 4th.

After realizing the famous city rules, Maeva Ghennam announced that she had made an important decision. “I will change now that I live in Dubai. I respect the rules in Dubai, so now I’m going to cover myself up ”, promised the famous Marseillaise.

“And even for myself, I’m going to change my dress style,” she adds. I don’t like being sexy anymore. In real life, it is useless. I do not want any more”.

Just to put on a diaper, Maeva Ghennam once again assures us that she “did not know” and that she would obviously “never have been to the mall” in light clothes if she had been aware of Dubai customs. At 23, the pretty brunette seems to have taken a big step in maturity.

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