Weird things caught on surveillance camera

When you witness a strange event, telling it is one thing, but showing it in pictures is another! It’s even much better! This is why sometimes the images captured by surveillance cameras can be handy to us. And to support this truth, we have selected for you today a series of about fifteen absolutely bizarre moments, which would be difficult to believe real in other circumstances.

Imagine a dog pissing on you quietly while you’re busy on the phone or a thief getting caught up in the spikes of the portal as he tries to escape. Are you ready to discover these moments and many others out of the ordinary? So let’s go!

A dog chooses where to pee

Source: Youtube

Dogs are loyal, helpful, but also… unpredictable! This video, captured by a surveillance camera in Rio De Janeiro, shows a man sitting quietly on the sidewalk.

While he was focused on his phone, a dog barged in behind him. After sniffing it well and making sure its back was the perfect place to urinate, the dog got comfortable.

Quickly realizing that his back was wet with hot liquid, the man immediately stood up like fury and tried to kick the animal! I wouldn’t have liked to be in his place… I’m talking about the man, of course!

The video of an elephant collecting the trash

Source: Youtube

This video is perfect proof that sometimes animals can be more civilized than some people. The images recorded by this surveillance camera show an elephant in the wild, which approaches a house in front of a trash can.

What will happen is quite simply amazing: the animal who notices that garbage was scattered on the ground will pick it up with its trunk and put it directly in the trash.

Incredible, isn’t it? But it’s still a shame that humans have to rely on a wild animal’s good citizenship to keep a place clean!

A beer thief remains suspended.

Source: Youtube

This sequence is absolutely hilarious! We present to you the most clumsy and idiotic thief on earth. Wanting to climb a wall after stealing a few bottles of beer from a supermarket, a thief got the clothes stuck in the gate spikes and hung on the door.

The funniest part is that he lost his pants in his attempt to escape! I can’t imagine the police’s faces when they came to question the man with his head upside down and his buttocks up!

A bear is shopping: a very bizarre thing caught on camera.

Source: Youtube

Have you ever seen a bear shopping in a supermarket? And fortunately, you are there at the moment because you will never have the opportunity to see a scene like this again.

In California, United States, a bear broke into a supermarket to do his shopping. He wandered for a long time between the shelves, which seemed to be an eternity for those present, and particularly lingered in the fruit and vegetable department!

The place became deserted in a matter of seconds! It is not yet clear how he got into the supermarket, but he certainly filled his stomach well!

An unexpected visit to a factory

Source: Youtube

However, in this sequence, we know perfectly well how this bear could enter this Russian fish factory. It is accessed through the back door of the hangar.

While these employees were loading their merchandise onto the loading-trucks, a bear suddenly appeared in the room.

The animal, certainly attracted by the scent, seemed determined to help itself from the bags of fish. As soon as they noticed his presence, the terrified and surprised employees then all scattered in less time than it takes to tell, too scared to end up under the fangs of the beast! I can’t even imagine the fright they had!

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