Lover of horror movies .. “Devil’s daughter” beheads her mother

A court in Australia is proceeding with the trial of a girl known as the “Devil’s Daughter” who stabbed her mother to death more than 100 times.

The “Daily Mail” newspaper reported, “The Devil’s Daughter,” whose real name is “Jessica Camilleri,” said about the moment her mother was slaughtered. “I kept stabbing and stabbing her and stabbing her, and dislocated her head.”

The head of Rita Camilleri, 57, was found on the aisle of the family home.

And Attorney General Tony McCarthy said in a report to the court Tuesday, that the “daughter of Satan” had severely stabbed her mother. So much so, that she cut off her eyeballs, tongue, and tip of her nose, leaving them on the kitchen floor.

There is no disagreement between the prosecutor and Camilleri’s defense attorney over whether the accused had actually stabbed her mother to death in July 2019.

But the question is whether she can reduce the murder charge?

The defense team is seeking to bring her to the charge of manslaughter to stab her mother to death. It is alleged that she was suffering from a great weakness of mind at the time of the accident.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Camilleri had fostered a toxic love for horror movies. She also had a long history of mental illness, violence and threatening phone calls.

McCarthy told the court that the demonic girl had given her mother “at least 40 stabs in the cheek and right ear.” He added that Camilleri hit her mother 62 times.

It was often the “Devil’s daughter,” who was 25 years old when her mother was killed. She randomly assaulted family members as well as strangers over the years.

McCarthy said she had been known to grip her victims’ hair, “often resulting in lumps of her hair pulled out.” also reported that Rita was too desperate to calm her troubled daughter’s violence. So much so, that she paid $ 2,500 to a mediator to “get the devil out” from her.

The family friend said, “She paid $ 2,500 but never got any service. I think she was in desperate need of anything to help. ”

The girl was also a big fan of the horror series “Jeepers Creepers”. Which focuses on a flesh-eating demonic creator who eats people to replace his lost body parts. This apparently became the inspiration for the brutal stabbing that took her mother’s life and beheaded.

The court also learned that Camilleri’s favorite movie was the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

According to the newspaper “The Sun”, the young girl was diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD. And “mild to moderate” intellectual disability, and autism spectrum disorder. as such

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