US Attorney General: We did not find any evidence of fraud in the presidential elections

Attorney General William Barr said that the US Department of Justice did not find evidence of widespread fraud in the elections that would reflect President-elect Joe Biden‘s victory in the presidency.

The “Bar,” in an interview with the agency “Associated Press” today, Tuesday: “So far, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could lead to a different result in the elections.”

Barr added that federal prosecutors and the FBI had examined the complaints they had received about fraud, but they had not found evidence that would reverse Biden’s victory.

Biden is expected to win 306 votes in the electoral college, and he is set to formally silence when the commission meets on December 14th.

Trump’s legal team repeatedly lost or withdrawn lawsuits that sought to nullify Biden’s votes in several states the Republican president would need to win in order to nullify his opponent’s expected victory.

Source: mubasher

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