5 secrets about Salma El-Shimi … Her story with bananas and a surprise about her looks

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Model Salma El-Shimi sparked a state of controversy on social media after appearing in her latest photo session. She appeared at the foot of the Saqqara pyramid and wore Pharaonic clothes.

Although Salma Al-Shimi used to stir controversy in all of her filming sessions, many do not know about her private life. In this video, she reviews with you the essential information and secrets about model Salma Al-Shimi.

One of the most important secrets that the public does not know about the model is that she wore a hijab and decided to remove the veil and enter the modeling field.

According to technical reports, Salma El-Shimi removed all of her pictures with hijab from her pages on various social networking sites.

Her birth

The model was born in the Shubra district of Cairo governorate in 1995, i.e., she is 25 years old.

She received her education in the Shubra neighborhood until she joined the College of Nursing, from which she graduated in 2017, but she did not work with her qualification.

The year 2015 was the beginning of Salma El-Shimi’s modeling work, where she participated in the divisions for several fashion designers in Egypt.

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