“40 million doses” … America is “ready” to ship Corona vaccines and announce the first recipients

Washington – (AFP):

The US Department of Transportation announces that it is ready to distribute Corona vaccines (Photo by Olivier DOULIERY / AFP)

The US Department of Transportation announced, on Tuesday, that it has made preparations to distribute doses of Corona vaccines after they are available. At the same time, an official in the Ministry of Health expected to provide about 40 million doses soon. In contrast, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “CDC” announced that the target groups obtain the vaccine.

The Ministry of Transport said that it is ready for a “large immediate shipment” of vaccines. It has completed all necessary regulatory procedures, noting that the concerned agencies coordinate with private sector companies that will transport the vaccines from manufacturing facilities to distribution centers and vaccination sites.

She added that it has established “adequate safety requirements for all potential risks involved in shipping the vaccine.”

Meanwhile, an official in the “CDC” centers of the Ministry of Health said, on Tuesday, during a meeting of the advisory committee, that most states and local councils expect to be able to give vaccinations to health care workers within three weeks of receiving the first doses of the vaccine.

A presentation referred to at the meeting showed that the agency expects about 40 million doses of vaccine to be available by the end of December, with shipments ranging from five million to 10 million doses per week once the vaccine is approved.

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