Miracle, Romain Grosjean gives his news

Rarely have images taken in a hospital have given such a smile: the French pilot Romain Grosjean is doing well and has given news of his health on Twitter, a few hours after his terrible accident.

I’m ok. Yes, Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean is a miracle. The victim of an incredible crash during the Bahrain Grand Prix, followed by a spectacular fire, an accident which left his car cut in half, the Frenchman is alive and in good health.

Despite bandaged hands, he kept his spirits up and thanked from his hospital bed, of course, all the medical and security personnel who saved him from the flames, as well as all the sports lovers – and beyond – who have heard from him.

Romain Grosjean, who was playing his 179th GP and finishing what should be his last season in F1, suffers from burns on the back of his hands but has no broken ribs, as feared for a while, his team said.

“I had never seen so many flames and an impact like this (53 g according to the International Automobile Federation, against 0.4 g at take-off from an airliner and between 0.5 and 3, 3 g at the start of a roller coaster, editor’s note) “, said Alan van der Merwe, who has been driving the medical car since 2009.

“All the systems that we have developed – the halo (the arch which overhangs the cockpit of F1 to protect the heads of the pilots, editor’s note), the safety barriers, the belts – have worked as expected, he said. He said. Without just one of these, the result could have been very different. “

“Thank you to Dr. Ian Roberts (the medical car doctor, editor’s note) and the FIA ​​teams for their courageous and efficient intervention. We have always placed safety at the top of our priorities, and we will continue to do so,” tweeted for his part the boss of the world motorsport, Jean Todt.

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