Murphy reveals his sexy impression working with Rey Mysterio in WWE

Freestyle wrestling superstar Murphy revealed his first impression of working with legend Rey Mysterio, his son Dominic and their family in the WWE competitions.

Murphy had played an interesting role in the conflict between Seth Rolls and the Mysterio family and began his role as a vassal of Rollins before his allegiance was reversed during the conflict after his romantic relationship with Alya Mysterio, daughter of Rey.

Murphy helped Rey Mysterio defeat Rollins, which eventually made the rest of the Mysterio family welcome him.

Murphy: Working with Mysterio and his son is fun.

“It’s great to work with Mysterio in the ring, it’s great to be there with Dominic,” said Murphy, in comments reported by sportskeeda.

He added: “Being with Rey is in itself a cause of happiness, and working with Dominic makes you a better wrestler to represent a level of learning, and that is a challenge.”

Followers of freestyle wrestling are waiting for Murphy’s character’s new development during the shows, after the end of the competitive rivalry between Mysterio and Seth Rollins, and the question remains about the new step in the emotional relationship between Alya Mysterio and Murphy.

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