Top 10 most protected people in the world

They are always surrounded by bodyguards and sometimes make them live a real ordeal. From Mark Zuckerberg to Kim Jong-un, including Beyoncé and Elizabeth II

  • Now is the time to find the most protected people in the world!

Mark Zuckerberg

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Mark Zuckerberg is one of the best-protected people in the world, with a team of…. 16 bodyguards! Indeed, the boss of Facebook does not skimp on the means to ensure his own security. And the bill goes up year after year.

Moreover, according to an official document, his personal security cost in 2019 is estimated at 10 million dollars. Or a little more than 8 million euros! An amount that far exceeds the budget allocated to other business owners’ security, such as Jeff Bezos, for example.

A celebrity who never goes out without bodyguards

And if you count the safety of his family and his trips on a private plane, the budget is just over $ 23 million. Or more than 19 million euros, according to the same source.

However, it should be remembered that Mark Zuckerberg, who had his first bodyguard in 2011, had to hire all these men responsible for his security after receiving threats from Facebook users.

Normal, when we find ourselves at the heart of scandals, and we lead a rather simple way of life! His men, therefore, accompany him everywhere, including when the urge takes him to go jogging.

Vladimir Poutine

VBodyguards also surround Vladimir Poutine, sometimes in black suits, sometimes in civilian clothes. The Russian president is protected by the FSO, the Federal Protection Service.

Loyalty, discretion, and absolute secrecy are the watchwords within this powerful institution responsible for protecting other great Russian personalities.

Some of its members have even acquired power. And they became wealthy when they were offered land in one of Russia’s richest regions for their good and loyal service.

However, Vladimir Putin’s security would not stop only with a close guard. A lookalike would accomplish his most risky appearances!

Most Protected People in the World: Lenin

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Another Vladimir, Vladimir Ilich Lenin, known as “Lenin,” is also one of the world’s most protected people. A moment ! We are talking about his remains.

For Lenin may have been dead 96 years ago. And his remains, on display in a mausoleum on Red Square, are still protected. Lenin, who would have had only one bodyguard during his lifetime, was the target of several attacks, including an assassination attempt in August 1918.

He is the target of several attacks.

But it wasn’t until 1919, when bandits on Moscow’s outskirts stole his car, papers, and money, that the father of the Russian Revolution decided to strengthen his security by hiring more guards from the body.

However, even when he died, Lenin was the target of several attacks intended to “disfigure” him. Besides, how was the Communist leader able to remain in this state during all this time? Well, it is thanks to the embalmers who work daily on his remains!

Lenin’s body is subjected to exceptional preservation techniques that keep it looking with no internal organs and no bodily fluids. In addition, his skin and damaged parts of his body were replaced by other materials, such as plastic or paraffin.

Xi Jinping

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Now let’s go to China to meet Xi Jinping and his bodyguards. The Chinese leader, at the head of the most populous country in the world since 2013, is surrounded by a team made up of very many bodyguards.

The latter are on the alert, look around, surround the president’s car. And some always keep a hand on the door handles of the cars that escort him.

An overly efficient bodyguard

And it is the Communist Party’s Central Security Bureau that provides security for the Chinese president. It is an institution endowed with immense power in China and responsible for strong Chinese personalities’ security.

However, it should be remembered that this institution’s members must have avoided coups d’état in the past. Because, well, you never know … Moreover, in 2015, the Chinese president had reshuffled the team responsible for his security.

A measure he had taken to protect himself against some internal threat and possible betrayals. After all, if we have the slightest doubt about those responsible for protecting you, it’s time to change!

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Source: al-monitor

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is also one of the most protected presidents in the world. Turkey’s strong man enjoys high-security thanks to a close guard, which accompanies him with great fanfare, and even snipers!

The latter even travel on the roof of the presidential bus, which Erdogan sometimes uses to get around town with his wife. Also, the Turkish president’s security goes to the monitoring of his own meals, which we systematically taste before he eats.

High surveillance against Coronavirus

There is a special laboratory within the presidential palace itself, dedicated to controlling all foods to avoid any poisoning.

The one who is accused of grandeur’s madness has even been talked about in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic when he made the trip to the Ankara parliament escorted by… a thermal camera! To make sure that the people he meets don’t have a fever.

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