Biden settles it: it will not be “Obama’s third term”

US President-elect, Joe Biden, confirmed, Tuesday evening, that his presidential term will not be a “third term” for former President Barack Obama, of whom Biden was his deputy.

Biden said in a statement to the American “NBC” channel, “This is not Obama’s third term. Because we are facing a completely different world than it was in the Obama and Biden era.”

He added that “President Trump has changed the scene,” and that the situation was about “America alone” and not “America first” during the Trump presidency.

This comes when the transition process from President Donald Trump’s administration to the next administration has begun. However, the results of the presidential election have not been officially announced.

An administration official said the White House had agreed to receive President-elect Joe Biden’s daily secret intelligence reports submitted to the president.

The decision means that Biden will have access to the latest intelligence services information on major national security threats worldwide.

The US General Services Administration has officially informed Biden that he will receive the necessary funds by the law to run the transition, which means it has finally admitted winning the elections.

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