Roman Reigns’ opponent revealed on Royal Rumble Show

Roman Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre in Survivor Series and has stayed true to his word of being the number one WWE World Champion.

The clan leader won with his superstar relative, Jae Oso, but the finish did not diminish the quality of the competition. Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns performed their best fight on the Night of the Survivor Series, with the focus then shifting to the highly anticipated TLC Show.

As mentioned earlier, WWE has already planned a major TLC event for superstar Drew McIntyre, and while it’s not in line with what happened on Raw after the Series’ series, there may be some deviations planned for next week on Raw.

It was also revealed in the daily update on Wrestling Observer by journalist Dave Meltzer that the confrontation between Roman Reigns and Daniel Brian is set to happen at some point and could happen on the TLC show.

However, WWE is leaning towards setting a later date for the TLC showdown between Roman Reigns and Daniel Brian.

This hints that the confrontation between the stars Roman Reigns and Daniel Brian is being kept at the Royal Rumble 2021, according to

Meltzer said: At the moment regarding Roman Reigns against Daniel Brian to compete for the world title, that match is set to take place at some point, it could be in TLC, but it tends to a later date.

Daniel Bryan beat Jay Oso at SmackDown last week with a small group. However, the former WWE Champion wasn’t too happy with the victory and even hinted at a possible confrontation with Roman Reigns during the recent Talking Smack episode.

Daniel Bryan has been looking for a decisive win over J Osso, and chances are WWE will book them in a VTLC showdown, which would delay the showdown between Brian and Renz.

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