“Zoom” adds additional features to expel disturbers from video meetings

The video conferencing platform Zoom has unveiled additional security features that help expel annoying subscribers from a video chat or meeting.

The video conferencing company introduces new tools that provide the ability to dismiss annoyers, and these features will help users deal with intruders, who enter Zoom conversations without an invitation and deliberately post offensive content to meeting participants.

New Zoom features will allow hosts or participants to pause a meeting until a disturbing participant is expelled, allow users to report it, and provide an alert system that scans social media, to check for links that make the meeting a victim of intruders.

To access this useful tool, all that the main host or co-host needs is to go to the security icon and then click on “suspend participant activities”, and when this code is activated, the entire conversation will be suspended, so the video, audio, and chatting stops during the meeting, annotations and screen sharing Breakthrough and recording chambers.

During this temporary break, the main host or co-host can report a user present in the meeting, and share anything to support this action such as taking a screenshot showing the abusive behavior, and once the report is sent the relevant user is removed from the video meeting.

After the annoying party is sidelined, hosts and participants can resume the conversation, so those who left the meeting can return to work. This useful new tool is enabled by default and is available to all Zoom members.

For the first time, other meeting participants along with co-hosts and co-hosts will report users via a security code, and to activate this feature, a meeting participant will have to click the security icon in the upper-left corner to show the annoying Zoom user.

Enabling all meeting participants to set alarm bells ringing should pave the way for a safer and more enjoyable experience so that problems can be addressed as quickly as possible, and this feature is now available on the Zoom app for Macs, PCs, Linux devices, and mobile apps.

The program will alert the at-risk meeting after checking social media posts, besides other websites to search for common Zoom meeting links and if the tool detects a Zoom meeting is about to be hacked, it will automatically alert the user who created the meeting and advise on what Must be done, according to the British newspaper Express.

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