Sophia Cheung, an influencer who died because of a selfie

Sophia Cheung, a famous influencer in Hong Kong, has died while taking a selfie at the edge of a waterfall. Known for her extreme photos shared on her Instagram account, she wanted to impress her fans with a dangerous selfie. But it was far from a good idea!   Young blogger Sophia Cheung, 32, from […]

Messi back in Barcelona (VIDEO)

After a few days of family vacation in Miami, Copa America winner with Argentina side Lionel Messi returned to Barcelona on Wednesday, at a time when his future is still unclear. Remember that Messi has been without a club since June 30, following his contract with Barça. The journalists at the airport did not fail […]

Video: Extreme crocodile fights with bad opponents

  A crocodile attacks a small monkey, another episode a giraffe, a horse that kicks the buttocks of a crocodile, or even an alligator that almost took a bite out of a small puppy. Get ready to see some of the most spectacular crocodile attack videos! Crocodile vs maman singe.   Near a lake in […]

Mercato / Here’s what Barça plans for Lionel Messi

The Messi case is of great concern to Catalan club FC Barcelona. Indeed, the signing of the Barcelona star is late for substantive issues. Thus according to some media, the Blaugrana should shift into third gear on the transfer market. Sell ​​players who are expensive for the club and buy or recover fewer heavyweights and […]

Nigeria man’s penis reportedly stolen by the passenger (Video)

A commercial motorcyclist popularly known as a motorcycle taxi or okada in Nigeria was stunned after his penis was allegedly “stolen” by a passenger he transported to Lagos. The incident occurred in the Ifako region of Lagos State in Nigeria. The motorcyclist, who looks like a northerner, was seen in a viral video explaining that […]

Collapsed building in Florida: death toll rises to 16

After finding several bodies in the wreckage of the collapsed building a few days ago in Florida, precisely in Surfside, the new death toll shows 16 deaths out of 147 missing people. After the sudden collapse a week ago of a building in Surfside, Florida, the toll has grown. From 12, it rose to 16 […]

Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd

The policeman Derek Chauvin, accused of deliberately killing African-American Georges Floyd, was sentenced, on June 25, 2021, to a prison term. This long-awaited verdict in the States will perhaps calm the anger of all those who fight against the police violence directed mainly towards the African-American community. Not so sure?   Derek Chauvin, the American […]

Mercato / Barça: Messi has finally chosen his next destination

On June 30, 2021, star Lionel Messi’s contract will come to an end. According to those close to the six-fold Golden Ball, he should sign a new two-year contract with Barça before flying to MLS and perhaps join David Beckham’s Inter Miami. And when he ends his career, Lionel Messi could return to Barça to […]