Wilfried Happio: attacked 20 minutes before the race, he wins the championship with an eye patch



Twenty minutes before the race, a man appeared out of nowhere and asked the athlete if he was really Wilfried Happio and lunged at him. He then struck!

After this incident, Happio noticed discomfort in his left eye and had to put on a bandage to play in the final… And that was the big surprise!


Wilfried Happio attacked by a stranger




Source: lequipe

The story took place this Saturday around 6:40 p.m. Wilfried Happio, a French athlete specializing in the 400m hurdles was in Caen in a stadium near the Hélitas de Caen.

At the time of training and warming up, a man broke in and violently beat the athlete. Fortunately, coach Olivier Vallaeys and other insiders managed to stop the attacker thanks to the intervention of the police.

The attacker was arrested and found to be wearing an organization wristband allowing him access to the event. The motive for the attack remains a mystery!


  • A race with an eye bandage.


Wilfried Happio was attacked and hit in the face several times, which caused him serious injuries to his face, especially his eye. But that didn’t stop Wilfried Happio from showing up for the race. He therefore played in the final wearing a bandage over his eye.

According to the French channel RCM Sport, before the start, he was still coughing up blood and suffering from a nosebleed. Well done Happio!




The 23-year-old champion therefore finished the race with a time of 48 seconds and 57 hundredths, achieving a personal best, the fifth best mark at the national level and qualifying for the XVIII World Athletics Championships, which will be held in Eugene (Oregon, USA). United States) next month.

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