Video: Extreme crocodile fights with bad opponents



A crocodile attacks a small monkey, another episode a giraffe, a horse that kicks the buttocks of a crocodile, or even an alligator that almost took a bite out of a small puppy.

Get ready to see some of the most spectacular crocodile attack videos!

Crocodile vs maman singe.


Near a lake in Africa, a mother monkey was having a good time with her whole tribe and baby. But due to the extreme heat in the area and the intense sun that day, the mother monkey felt thirsty.

She then headed for the stream to quench her thirst and refresh herself with her baby on her feet, following her wherever she went. Except while they were both drinking, a giant crocodile sprang from the bottom of the water to grab the baby monkey and take it with it.

Seeing her son leave between the reptile fangs, the mother monkey then began to fight against him to save her baby—a fierce struggle during which she was injured by several scratches all over her body.

Poor mother.

After several attempts, the mother monkey was finally able to take back her baby, who unfortunately could not withstand the pressure of one of the most powerful jaws in the animal kingdom and succumbed to her injuries.

In addition, the little one had been bitten by very sharp fangs and was shaken very violently. So he had no chance of surviving this attack. The grieved mother picked up the lifeless, lifeless body of her baby and left.

A painful day for this mother who never thought to lose her baby in such a cruel way but fought tooth and nail to save her little one. But at least she will have managed to recover her body to bury it …


Fight between a crocodile and a leopard.


Source: Youtube

In a jungle in Asia, a crocodile was swimming near the edge of a river in search of prey which would have by chance wanting to drink, which would approach and on which it could naturally jump for itself. Fill the stomach.

But what he didn’t know was that a leopard was watching the edge of the river at the same time and that he had every intention of having the reptile between his fangs!

Sensing something approaching the edge, the crocodile, in turn, moved closer and got into position to jump on its prey, not suspecting for a second that it might be a leopard.

A fight to the death.

When the feline spotted him, he immediately threw himself at the reptile, grabbing him by the throat to ensure he would stay still and not struggle. Despite this, the serpent, not having said its last word, worked not to end up in the belly of the leopard. The most epic crocodile fight ensued.

Source: dailymail

After which, the leopard being in a position of strength, finally got the better of the crocodile, who died a few minutes after the attack. Not having supported the bite in the throat and not have had enough energy to fight as it had to.

He was then seen dragged by his predator into the depths of the jungle. In this crocodile fight, the latter wanted to find prey, and he became one! Like what nature can be surprising and paradoxical sometimes!


A crocodile vs. warthog.

Source: Youtube

In the African savannah, a crocodile was wandering around searching for prey to bite into; when seized by a terrible thirst, he wanted to quench his thirst. It was good because not far from him was a small lake a few meters.

But as he approached the water, he noticed a young warthog near the water, drinking, a dream prey! Determined to catch it, he slipped into the water to go incognito and prevent the warthog from running away.

Usually, a fierce fight should come.

Seeing its prey concentrated in its task and busy drinking, the reptile approached it so that it could jump on it at a time when it didn’t expect it. The warthog was well aware that the crocodile was watching him, but he still wanted to take the risk of continuing to drink as if nothing had happened!

He was very thirsty … or too stunned by the sun! No matter, since that day, he was fortunate. Because while he was drinking, the crocodile that would usually jump on him approached him. But strangely, he didn’t do anything. He didn’t jump on him; he just stood there and watched him drink quietly.

A strange reaction to the crocodile.

Two things can only explain a bizarre scene: either the crocodile is narcoleptic and was caught in slumber while trying to hunt, or he was amazed by the “bewitching beauty” of the warthog!

Otherwise, I can’t think of any other reason for such a sordid scene like this! Well, the downside in this story is that the crocodile will have finally wasted his time for nothing because the warthog must have saved his skin when he saw that he was in danger!

He will then be returned on an empty stomach! But he will still have had a nice slight dip in the water; with the heat of the savannah, it’s good too!

When a crocodile attacks a wildebeest.

Source: Youtube

Wildebeests are sedentary mammals, which migrate only when food is scarce in the region where they are found. You see, there is part of a migrating herd, which precisely had to migrate from one land to another to meet its food needs.

Accompanied by the rest of his herd and after successfully crossing the river, the young wildebeest stopped like all the other members of his tribe to quench his thirst before resuming the journey.

But while he was too busy drinking, the young wildebeest was brutally jumped on by a giant crocodile, just waiting for prey like this to catch. Old wildebeests usually are well aware of the danger of drinking in the river and know how to sense the presence of a crocodile.

Hello, solidarity!.

Our little wildebeest, still very young, was not sufficiently experienced and unable to locate the crocodile in the water. At first, the animal tried to struggle to escape its predator, but the predator grabbed it by the throat, so it could not have complete freedom to control its movements.


Therefore, disarmed, the mammal let itself be carried away and dragged into the water, where he ran out of oxygen and lost his life! While the rest of the herd ran away! Our young wildebeest finally failed to avoid what he dreaded so much and ended up in the bottom of the water … or instead in the crocodile’s stomach, to be more exact!

But it will nonetheless have served as a lesson for the other young wildebeest of the herd who will never be fooled after having witnessed such a tragic scene! One of them has to sacrifice himself so that they learn to avoid danger!

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