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Collapsed building in Florida: death toll rises to 16

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After finding several bodies in the wreckage of the collapsed building a few days ago in Florida, precisely in Surfside, the new death toll shows 16 deaths out of 147 missing people.

After the sudden collapse a week ago of a building in Surfside, Florida, the toll has grown. From 12, it rose to 16 dead on Wednesday, June 30, and still 147 missings. This news thus comes to shower the hopes of the rescuers.

According to Daniella Levine Cava, Mayor of Miami-Dade County, during a press conference, 04 new bodies were found by American rescuers helped by the Israeli and Mexican rescue services. And among those missing are Argentines, Colombians, Paraguayans, Chileans, and Uruguayans.

Despite the low rate of luck, rescuers are still hard at work on this seventh day, trying to find any survivors under the rubble of the collapsed building. More than 1,300 tons of concrete have already been searched by rescuers, who have discovered new tunnels in the debris.

Called “Champlain Towers,” the 12-story building located in Surfside, Florida, in the southeastern state of the United States, collapsed on Thursday, June 25, at around 8 pm. It is one of the most severe tragedies on American soil.


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