Nigerian man dies after being held captive and deprived of food for eight months in India (video)


30-year-old Nigerian citizen Michael Emenike Madueke has died in an Indian hospital after being found bedridden and malnourished by police in an apartment in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Nigerian activist Kennedy said the deceased, an auto parts salesman, died of abuse and starvation after being held against his will for about eight months by his landlord for non-payment of rent.

According to local press reports, Michael was evicted from the apartment he was renting and held in another apartment at SG Impressions, against his will. He was regularly beaten and deprived of food. He only survived water.

“Michael was only found after his brother sent the money owed from his country. When his brother in Nigeria transferred 42,000 rupees to the owner (Mr. Omveer Rahul), his condition of incarceration and treatment was discovered. Unfortunately, while being transported to the hospital after being rescued, he succumbed to mistreatment and died, ”Un-Fair Web said in a post on Sunday, June 20.

The Nigerian Citizens Welfare Association, an expatriate group, led by Kennedy, recorded videos of the “rescue” in the apartment.

The video shows Michael’s skin stuck to his shoulder bones. We hear him say, “He wants more money every day. ”

In videos posted by Un-Fair Web, another man can be heard saying that they fed him, “What else do you want? ”

However, police said they had yet to find any evidence to support the charge. The doctor who examined him first found no external injuries.

According to The Telegraph, a Nandigram police officer said he received an emergency call on Saturday afternoon.

“He had been living with the family of a certain Rahul in this apartment for three months. The door was not locked when we arrived. His friend Charles Kennedy from Greater Noida and a few other Nigerians were present and took him to the hospital with our help. “

Rajeev Tyagi, medical director of Apex Multi-Specialty Hospital in Ghaziabad, who first looked after Michael, told the Telegraph that Michael’s breathing was weak, his oxygen saturation was 79, and his pulse was 44…

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