Sierra Leone: Chinese miner attacks Sierra Leonean on mining site- (video)


A Chinese miner was filmed attacking a Sierra Leone security guard with a long timber at a mining site in Sierra Leone.

The incident occurred at the Tonkolili iron ore mine.

The video that quickly went viral can see the Chinese man berating Sierra Leone workers. The reprimand became physical when a Sierra Leone, the security guard there, stood up to him.

The video begins with the Chinese miner criticizing one of the staff, who is a local. He then spits on the ground directly in front of the mocking man. The man then calls out to him for that, saying, “ Get out of this place. ”

The Chinese then walk over to the Sierra Leone security officer and start pointing fingers at him while scolding him. Suddenly, he types the man’s documents in his hands, and a fight breaks out.

The Chinese then run to collect a block of wood and returns to attack the black man. Other Sierra Leone workers are trying to restrain him to prevent him from harming the man.

Soon, other Chinese workers rush to the scene and start criticizing the black man filming the incident.

But the man told them that the Asian was not allowed to do what he did to the Sierra Leone worker.

The man filming is heard recounting what happened to other Chinese workers who ran to the scene during the fight.

He said, “ The man is having a security toolkit meeting; he went and disrupted the security meeting. He does not have the right. ”

However, at the last one would have learned that the Chinese and Sierra Leone would have made peace.

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