Denmark’s doctor: Eriksen “died for a few minutes”… and this is his wish


The Danish national team doctor revealed “shocking” details in the incident of Christian Eriksen, who lost consciousness and almost died during his country’s match against Finland in the European Cup on Saturday.

On Sunday, Denmark’s doctor, Morten Posen, confirmed that the midfielder suffered a heart attack during his team’s opening match and that he “died for minutes.”

“His heart stopped; we gave him CPR; it was a heart attack. He died for a few minutes, and then we managed to get his heart back to work after using the defibrillator once,” Posen told a news conference, adding that Eriksen would remain in the hospital for further tests.

“The tests we’ve done so far are reassuring,” Posen said. “We don’t have any explanation as to why this happened.”

Eriksen, 29, suddenly fell in the 42nd minute while running near the field’s sideline after a side throw in favor of Denmark.

While silence prevailed in the stadium, where 16,000 fans gathered, his colleagues gathered around him during his treatment in the stadium, and then he was taken to the hospital carried on a stretcher.

Eriksen talks about his future.

Peter Muller, director of the Danish Football Association, said that the Danish players communicated with Eriksen by video link.

Denmark coach Kasper Jolmand said that the Inter Milan player told him that he “does not remember much of what happened in Saturday’s match” and that he “wanted to return to the field.”

“He wants us to keep playing,” Jolmand added. “He says he feels like he can play again. Christian is at his best when the ball is close to his feet.”

Jolmand quoted Eriksen as saying: “I think you feel worse than I am. I feel as if I’m about to go to training now. Christian is in good spirits, and it’s a huge relief to the players after such a difficult period. There is no doubt that we were on edge. the abyss.”

Former Denmark players Peter Schmeichel and Michael Laudrup criticized the European Football Association (UEFA) handling. The Danish national team players were given the option to complete the match on Saturday evening or Sunday.

“After rethinking what happened, I honestly don’t think we should have gone back to the field,” Jolmand said. “I thought we could have done differently.”

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