Will Smith unveils his body after pandemic and starts training

Actor Will Smith nonetheless began a fitness journey after being “in the worst shape of his life.”


After a year of pandemic, the Prince of Bel-Air has decided to proudly show off his body. He in fact recently shared two photos on Instagram where he was wearing a simple black boxer. “I’ll be honest with you – I’m in the worst shape of my life,” he wrote in the first photo.

Despite this, Will Smith previously told his fans on Instagram that he is proud of what many people call his “father body.”

He wrote: “This is the body that carried me through a whole pandemic and countless days grazing in the pantry. I love this body, but I want to feel better. No more midnight muffins… that’s it! LIFE!!!!! ”


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After he decided to get back into shape, Will Smith shared videos of his new workout routine, where he performs squats, curls, and rows, among other things.

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Even today, Will Smith continues to give fans a glimpse of his fitness journey. Like this photo of him lifting dumbbells.

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“It’s crazy that this picture was taken a right before I picked up the bigger ones, dang,” he joked.

In addition, in terms of work, we will see Will Smith soon in the biographical sports drama, King Richard. So he did well to start training !!

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