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An “unprecedented enemy” .. the “Delta” dynasty strikes in China

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A report by “” reported Thursday that the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou has been facing an unprecedented outbreak of the delta strain of the Coronavirus for weeks.

The report indicated that the “dangerous” strain is spreading faster than any outbreak that China has experienced since the virus spread more than a year ago.

And Guangzhou recorded the first case of the Delta strain, which has caused thousands of deaths in India, on May 21, and it belonged to a 75-year-old woman after she went to a restaurant.

During the past three weeks, the health authorities in Guangzhou recorded, according to the report, 157 cases, an average of 10 infections per day.
In a massive operation, the city conducted, between Sunday and Tuesday, examinations of its entire population of 18.7 million people, some of them for the second time, according to the report.

The virus spread quickly at a location that includes restaurants within the city.

“The epidemic facing Guangzhou this time is an unprecedented enemy, and dealing with it requires more stringent measures,” said Zhang Zhubin, deputy director of the Guangzhou CDC.

The Delta strain has spread so badly in India that it caused a record spike in cases this spring.

The new strain had imposed its dominance on cases in Britain, although vaccination programs in Britain are considered one of the most successful in the world.

The New York Times says that Covid-19 has declined in Britain more than any other country, in recent weeks, with less than 10 Britons dying daily from the disease, down from about 1,200 a day in late January.

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