After being slapped, Macron makes a decision on illegal aliens.


During a meeting with his ministers, French President Emmanuel Macron asked that the plan put in place for the expulsion of illegal aliens be accelerated. A decision that comes following the slap Macron received a few days ago.

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs and those of Home Affairs and Justice were invited to this meeting at the Elysee Palace. They were asked to maintain the existing expulsion plan and strengthen it by actively negotiating with the countries of origin of illegal aliens living in France to accept the return of their nationals.

Around 80,000 foreigners remain on French soil each year, out of 120,000 asylum seekers. According to Emmanuel Macron, this remains a huge concern because it is difficult for the country to activate because of political, diplomatic, and even media reasons.

It is, therefore, time for that to change by taking very swift action measures for the expulsion of illegal aliens.

France, therefore, asks the respective countries of these foreigners to issue more consular cards so that their return is easy.

You should know that this decision comes following the pair of slaps Emmanuel Macron received from a man this Tuesday during his visit to the Drôme.

His attackernamedf Damien.T was immediately arrested and sentenced two days later, that is to say, today, this Thursday, June 10, to 04 months in prison by the judicial court of Valence.

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