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After some rumors that have appeared on the internet in recent weeks, the American heavy metal director, producer and musician have confirmed on his social networks that his next film project will be an adaptation of “The Munsters,” one of the most endearing comedy series. . in the history of American television.

Without confirming too many details about it, Rob Zombie shared the film’s official logo via his Instagram account, assuring that this is a project he has been looking to achieve for 20 years, so he promises to share new details very soon…

Recently, Murphy’s Multiverse portal indicated that Rob Zombie would go to Jeff Daniel Phillips and Sheri Moon Zombie, regular cast members of his filmography, to be tasked with playing the roles of Herman and Lilly Munster. However, until the present, this information is treated as a rumor.

Beneath his raw heavy metal star guise and highly violent films, Rob Zombie has spoken out for years as one of the biggest fans of “The Munsters,” participating with a commentary on the reissue of the “Munster” tape. , Go Home ” was initially released in 1966 and received a Blu-ray version thanks to Scream Factory.

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In 1998, Rob Zombie released “Dragula,” the most successful single of his solo career after his split from White Zombie. This track takes its name from DRAG-U-LA, the fast racing car of the grandfather of the Munster family.

It’s unclear whether this adaptation of The Munsters will retain the comedic character of the series or if it will be closer to the style of its director, whose films such as “House of 1000 Corpses” and “The Lords of Salem” are loaded with. with explicit violence on screen, in addition to a strong sense of black humor. However, fans of the director consider the great love he has for the franchise to indicate that his work will leave no one indifferent.

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