Euro 2020: Ranking of the 24 most expensive Nations … France 2nd, Belgium 7th


The European Nations Championship will start in a few days. For the first round of this eagerly awaited competition, 24 teams will compete against each other. But at the end of the competition, a team will succeed in the Portuguese selection of Cristiano Ronaldo if it does not manage to make a double.

As a prelude to this great competition, the German site Transfermarkt published the teams’ classification according to the market value (calculated by their care) of the 26 players who will represent them.

At the end of this ranking and according to the above criteria, it appears that it is England and all its nuggets that win, with a workforce estimated at 1.32 billion euros.

France comes in second with a workforce of 1.02 billion euros, followed by Germany third with an estimated 936 million euros. Portugal is fifth on the list and Belgium 7th.

The full ranking of the 24 nations (figures assessed by Transfermarkt)

England – 1.32 billion euros

France – 1.02 billion euros

Germany – 936 million euros

Spain – 915 million euros

Portugal – 872 million euros

Italy – 764 million euros

Belgium – 669 million euros

Netherlands – 637 million euros

Croatia – 375 million euros

Turkey – 325 million euros

Austria – 320 million euros

Denmark – 310 million euros

Switzerland – 283 million euros

Poland – 276 million euros

Scotland – 270 million euros

Sweden – 215 million euros

Ukraine – 197 million euros

Russia – 190 million euros

The Czech Republic 190 million euros

Wales – 176 million euros

Slovakia – 130 million euros

Hungary – 75 million euros

North Macedonia – 62 million euros

Finland – 44 million euros

Photo credit: UEFA

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