Emmanuel Macron slapped by a French in front of a school-VIDEO


Such a scene would have happened at a time of his lowest popularity. The French President has been the victim of a man who is not a big fan of his policies. The latter gave him a good slap in the nose and beard of his security.

According to a journalist from “Parisien / Today in France” who speaks of the incident on his Twitter account, the scene took place at the exit of the hotel school of Tain-l’Hermitage, in which the French president was visiting in the afternoon of June 8, 2021, to meet with catering stakeholders on the serious lack of workforce after the Covid-19 crisis.

Le NouvelObs explains that as the French president approached a crowd gathered behind security barriers to greet them, a man slapped him in the face while uttering an unintelligible sentence for the time being, except for this which seems to end with “Down with Macronie!”. ” The man was quickly overpowered by security after his forfeit.

In the political class, reactions are mixed on the incident. Personalities like Marine Le Pen condemn the act. “It is inadmissible to attack political leaders, but even more the President of the Republic because he is the President of the Republic,” she said. Declared. For Jean-Luc Mélenchon, this slap should make Macron aware. “This time, you begin to understand that the violent take action? I stand in solidarity with the President, ”Mélenchon tweeted ironically.

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