The 10 most amazing sequences filmed by a camera

From a bird which catches a fish with a piece of bread thrown on the surface of the water to a seagull which flies on the back of one of its congeners …
Today you will discover the incredible moments and the most astonishing sequences filmed by a camera.

What if some bird species were also able to fish using bait? It would most likely be difficult to imagine. However, in this video, a green heron, a small bird living especially in North America, has indeed managed to catch a fish for its dinner thanks to a piece of bread thrown on the surface of the water.

Indeed, as we can see in this video immortalized by a fisherman and nature lover, a green heron remained motionless for a long time, waiting for a fish to approach its bait. After several attempts, the bird managed to obtain a precise peck, a fish large enough to feast on.

It’s an amazing thing filmed on camera.

It must be said that the method of this bird to catch fish testifies to the extreme intelligence of this bird. However, his technique also involves risks because the more time passes and the more the piece of bread crumbles, running the risk that the heron will have neither fish nor bread to eat.

Nevertheless, the strategy of this green heron remains intriguing, to say the least, especially since it seems quite effective. What inspires some fishermen who do not always manage to catch fish so quickly.

But what is this dog doing in this relay race?

At a track and field competition at Logan High School, USA, an unexpected and incredible event happened. And for a good reason! In this astonishing sequence, filmed on April 17, 2021, a dog invited himself into the middle of the race.

Indeed, this dog named Holly, a Goldendoodle female attended the start in the stands with her owners at the sporting events. However, in the end, she escaped their surveillance and burst onto the track at the moment of the last handover in the women’s 4X200m relay.

We must admit that she turned out to be quite talented

The bitch has just passed several competitors in turn and even caught up in the home straight, Gracie Laney, who was leading the race.

At that moment, the latter had naturally assumed that a competitor was swooping down on her to come and steal the victory from her.

She said: “I felt Holly come back at me in the last 50 yards or so, I thought she was a competitor at first, but then I realized she was a dog.” So it was a true one-of-a-kind moment. Especially since the bitch beat Gracie Laney on the finish line.

Someone wanted to steal the victory.

Of course, it was the high school student who officially won the event. Nonetheless, Holly put in a breathtaking performance as she completed the final 100 meters in 10.5 seconds. That’s a second behind Usain Bolt’s world record, set in 2009, in Berlin in 9.58 seconds. Unsurprisingly, this amazing footage quickly went viral!

Bears also know how to do Kung-Fu.

In one pretty amazing video, a captive bear can be seen wielding a stick with as much mastery as a true martial arts master. Indeed, he can twirl the stick with incredible dexterity, which allowed him very quickly to be a star of the net.

Rightly nicknamed “Kung-Fu Bear,” this Himalayan bear named Claude has, since his arrival in the Hiroshima Zoo, in Japan, in 2002, acquired an incredible mastery by training with sticks that the zoo team had given it to him.

Very quickly, his talents gave him a good reputation with visitors. But he only became a real star after posting a YouTube video of his exploits.

On the other hand, many Internet users have shouted fake! But the special effects are far from obvious, even when looking closely. The reason? Well, there isn’t!

But it’s amazing!

In fact, in a Telegraph article, Professor Marc Bekoff of the University of Colorado, an expert in animal behavior, explained that “this is a fantastic example of object control by an animal. This goes beyond the normal use by animals of complex tools ”.

“You can train sea lions to juggle balloons or elephants to paint with their trunks, so why not. I would say it is the result of intensive training, and I would find it hard to believe that the animal learned this technique on its own and spontaneously ”.

In short, this bear does have an astounding mastery of the stick. This does not fail to surprise and delight visitors to the zoo and countless Internet users around the world.

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