4 drug barons who were once at the top of the industry


When most people hear the term “drug lord,” they usually associate it with ruthless men who will do anything to get drug money. However, these four women were prominent drug lords and ran their operations as well, if not better, than the male drug lords. Fortunately, these women got a second chance to change their lives.


  • 1. Jemeker Thomas.

Jemeker Thomas didn’t have much luck growing up. Her family was even evicted from her home when she was still a young girl. She made a promise to herself that she would never experience poverty as an adult. She met Anthony Mosley, an older man who took her under his wing. Together, they began to manage a drug trafficking ring.

Both have made a lot of gains from cocaine. Then they got into crack cocaine trafficking. Thomas and Mosley quickly became the biggest names in the drug business and dominated the Los Angeles scene. After Mosley was shot by one of their enemies, Thomas continued the operation.

After Mosley’s death, Alone and heartbroken fell in love with a man who called himself Cheese. They continued to sell crack cocaine until Cheese was arrested and reported Thomas. Thomas fled. She remained to hide for five years until she decided to show up for her son’s graduation ceremony. She was arrested and jailed for 15 years. After prison, she started her ministry.

  • 2. Thelma Wright

Thelma Wright was a normal young girl until she met her husband, who had connections to the Black Mafia. He also had enemies in high places. In 1986, Wright’s husband was found dead, rolled up in a rug with a bullet hole in his head.

Wright continued in the drug trade for years. She transported drugs across the country, sometimes earning more than $ 400,000 a month. She has been nicknamed “Queen Pen” and “Boss Lady.” Eventually, Wright ended up in a fatal shootout at a Philadelphia nightclub, and one of his main clientele was arrested while attempting to transport cocaine.

After the incident, Wright began to change his mind about his business. She kept a low profile for over ten years before publishing her life story, “With Eyes From Both Sides-Living My Life In and Out of the Game.” ”

  • 3. Stephanie S. Clair.

Stephanie St. Clair was a Franco-African known to many as “Queenie.” She immigrated to Harlem in 1912. In 1922, she opened her own number bank with $ 10,000. As her activity was dangerous, she called on the Forty Thieves, a famous street gang, to protect her. Everyone feared these men, and even the New York mobsters didn’t want to compete with them.

Clair had as many as 50 people working for her, including notorious Harlem gangster Bumpy Johnson.

  • 4. Charmaine Roman.

Charmaine Roman was a well-known drug lord and head of a marijuana trafficking organization that transported tons of cannabis in central Florida. She ran a violent, dangerous, but successful organization. She quickly made millions of dollars thanks to the booming drug economy.

Records from Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas show that Roman deposited millions of dollars there between 2010 and 2012. She was using the casino to launder her organization’s money. Although law enforcement was on his trail, it confused them for some time. When she was finally arrested, she attempted to deliver 180 kilograms of marijuana to an Orlando parking lot.

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