Woman claims she was kidnapped and made pregnant by aliens

While some people still don’t believe in aliens, others swear by them and actually believe they exist. Moreover, some claim to have had incredible experiences with these creatures and do not hesitate to share their story.
Imagine that a 68-year-old woman from the United Kingdom said aliens had kidnaped her, But that’s not all! She added that she was made pregnant by them, sparking a strong reaction on social media.

Woman “kidnapped by extraterrestrials” shares her experience

Are Alien Abduction Accounts Really Reliable? This is the question that arises after a woman claims to have been kidnapped by aliens! An unusual experience that a sexagenarian claims to have lived last March, while she was quietly watching TV at home.

Responding on behalf of Jane Buckle, the woman confides that while watching an episode of the famous Vikings series, she was the victim of abduction by aliens. Describing the strange events, she states that she was either hypnotized or sedated. Indeed, vibrations of the hand of an extraterrestrial would have, according to her, made him forget what happened.

Woman kidnapped by aliens: no memory of past events

Thus, Jane Buckle emphasizes that she has lost track of time and has no memory of her kidnapping last March. The most astonishing thing in the story is that the woman claims to have been made pregnant by the alien creatures during the famous kidnapping.

An alien baby born from his union with the aliens?

Even more surprising, the woman claims to have carried the pregnancy only 20 days before giving birth to a beautiful baby. But not just any: a small intergalactic creature called Target Elvis.

In this sense, she adds that the little alien looks like her from a genetic perspective. Thus, he would have the same black eyes as his “mother” and have short legs like his. According to the sexagenarian, the creature is androgynous and does not have a particular sex.

The woman says the creatures choose her to populate the Earth

Additionally, Jane Buckle strongly believes that aliens have chosen her to bring their offspring to planet Earth. They found that she could ensure good living conditions for the child, hence their interest in his person.

A baby alien pampered by all.

By the way, the alien baby has become a star in his town. And the inhabitants take great care of the little creature. In this sense, the woman “kidnapped by aliens” claims that many people gave her gifts, including clothes and a baby chair for the little alien.

In addition, Jane likes to take her little alien to the park and says that the children like to play with him. She also indicates that Target Elvis has its own bed, blanket, and its own bottle. Incredible but true!

The mini alien: a real being?

From this story straight out of a science fiction film, it is clear that the woman either has a mental disorder or is probably abusing certain substances. And for a good reason, said alien baby is nothing more than a doll! Eh yes!

Jane Buckle’s account of her kidnapping is quite out of the ordinary. Until proven otherwise, she firmly believes that the doll is her child. Moreover, the woman who claims to be kidnapped by the aliens is impatiently awaiting the return of the baby’s father.

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