Controversy over the Tokyo Olympics continues


The head of the Japanese Medical Association warned Thursday that holding the Olympic Games in Tokyo next July, with tens of thousands of people gathered from worldwide, could lead to the emergence of a new strain of the coronavirus.

According to the website of Forbes American, increasing calls among medical professionals and key partners in the postponement or cancellation of the Olympic Games.

“The International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government have reduced the risks of gathering tens of thousands of athletes, officials, judges, broadcasters, and others from more than 200 countries together in one place,” said Naoto Aoyama, president of the Japan Medical Association.

According to Reuters, Oyama warned that the gathering could lead to the concentration of several types of coronavirus from around the world in Tokyo, which could allow the emergence of an “Olympic strain” of the virus.

“If such a situation were to happen, it might even mean calling the dynasty the Tokyo Olympics, which would be a great tragedy and an object of criticism, even for the next 100 years,” Yoyama said.

Yoneyama compared the virus to a war-like situation and said he speaks from his experience as a hospital doctor working on the outskirts of Tokyo.

On Wednesday, the Asahi Shimbun, one of Japan’s most influential newspapers and its official partner in the Tokyo Olympics, published an editorial urging the government to cancel the Games.

The International Olympic Committee insists that the Games will continue as planned and done in a “safe and secure” manner.

Japan may lose large sums of money, reaching billions, if the Olympiad is canceled, but “the economic loss may be greater” if Japan is forced to impose a new health emergency.

So far, 2.3% of Japan’s population has been fully vaccinated against Corona, according to US Bloomberg data.

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