Jaden Smith opens free restaurant for the homeless


Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son, has decided to open a restaurant where homeless people can come and eat for free. Located in one of Los Angeles’ poorest neighborhoods, this restaurant, which will offer vegan dishes, has been dubbed “I Love You”.

The concept is simple, however: paid meals will fund free meals for people in need. Moreover, the bill for people who are not homeless will even be inflated.

It’s no secret that there are many celebrities who are philanthropic. And it is not Jaden Smith who will be the exception to the rule. Far from there ! The latter even multiplies humanitarian actions.

Indeed, during an interview with Variety magazine , Jaden Smith announced the opening of his new restaurant where homeless people will eat without paying anything.

Vegan and supportive

Located in Skid Row, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, this vegan and supportive restaurant has been baptized “I Love You Restaurant”. The concept ? Well, it is very simple. Paid meals will fund free meals for people in need.

As Jaden Smith explains, “If you are not homeless, you will not only have to pay but you will have to pay more than the value of the meal. So you can pay for the person who comes after you ”.

Jaden Smith plans to open more restaurants for the homeless

According to the 22-year-old actor and rapper, the main idea behind such a concept is that: “the homeless will be able to eat for free […] It’s about giving people what they deserve, of healthy food and vegan for free, “he said.

You will understand, some customers will therefore spend more money to allow people in need to eat a free and balanced meal. But Will Smith’s son is not about to stop there!

Indeed, Jaden Smith has also announced that he intends to help the homeless by opening many other restaurants. “Keep an eye out. Because it is only the first of a long series ”, he thus assured.

Jaden Smith at the origin of many solidarity projects

However, this is not the young man’s first solidarity project. In 2019, Jaden Smith launched a Food truck project . This distributed free vegan food to the homeless. Through this action, more than 8,000 people in need were able to eat for free in Los Vegas and New York.

And that’s not all ! The same year, the American rapper set up a filtration system called “The Water Box” in Michigan. Because the main water network had been contaminated with lead.

Sending parcels during the health crisis

More recently, Jaden Smith made the decision to send packages to the residents of Skid Row during the Covid-19 crisis . He had thus filled them with food. But also clothes, masks, or hydroalcoholic gel.

We must therefore believe that the young man continues to accumulate humanitarian actions. Especially since Jaden Smith has just opened a new free restaurant for the homeless.

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