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Top 10 Most Spectacular Bridges in the World

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From a bridge supported by two hands to an aqueduct that plunges underwater…

Today we invite you to discover the most spectacular and incredible bridges in the world!

The rainbow fountain of the Banpo Bridge


You have been in the South Korean capital Seoul for three days, where you are spending your holidays. Want to visit the spectacular Banpo Bridge, whose fountain broke the Guinness World Record for the longest bridge fountain in the world? Then head to downtown Seoul and the Han River!

There, you discover something you’ve never seen before. Indeed, this gigantic bridge built from 1980 to 1982 and 570 meters long is equipped with hundreds of nozzles that project water creating excellent movements in the air.

A mind-blowing show.

You take some souvenir photos; then you turn back to get back to the hotel and spend a quiet evening. Because anyway, the sun will soon set. However, you decide to follow the advice of a tourist next to you, and you stay to discover the rest.


And there, surprise! You wanted to see something beautiful on this spectacular bridge, and here it is! There is a surprise! You wanted to see something beautiful on this unique bridge, and here it is! Banpo Bridge transformed before your eyes as if by magic thanks to all these rainbow lights dancing in the darkness.

Be aware that the colors of this rainbow fountain are formed by 200 lights and owe their stunning effect to the 10,000 LED nozzles installed on either side of the bridge and which project 190 tons of water every minute.

190 tons of water! You are sorry to learn that you have to waste all this water to offer you this enchanting spectacle.

But your worries fly away when the tourist next to you tells you that in reality, this water is pumped from the river by the 380 nozzles that are on either side of the bridge and falls 20 meters down, in the same river.

No waste, then! You are determined to return tomorrow to see this magnificent show again.

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