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Discover The Most Expensive Chicken In The World, It Costs Over 1,000,000 FCFA (Photos)

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When you play with Mother Nature, you can come across some pretty impressive results, like this utterly black chicken from Indonesia. It’s a new breed of chicken called Ayam Cemani that costs $ 2,500! At this price, it had better be delicious. . .
There are enormous species of animals that we all seek to discover to increase our scientific knowledge. It is this philosophy that allowed us some time ago to find a new species of chicken.

I suggest you go to the “Green Fire Farm” in Florida, to discover the “Ayam Cemani,” a scarce Indonesian breed of chicken.

This rooster’s particularity is entirely black, from head to legs, and even its bones!

History does not say if the taste is worth the price. . .

Indeed, to believe the information, this chicken species would be one of the rarest discoveries in the whole world. Announced by chronicles page 225 on Twitter, this new chicken species whose value is estimated at nearly 2,300 euros or more than 1,000,000 CFA francs is called Ayam Cemani, located in the Indonesian country.

They get their color from a genetic mutation called “fibromelanosis.”
It looks more like he fell into the oil.

Of the Indonesian breed, Ayam Cemani chicken is one of the few varieties of poultry (chickens) discovered. Outside its country of origin, it is a unique breed of chicken characterized by its completely black color.

So, for the end of the year celebrations, will you take a bit of black thigh of “Ayam Cemani”?

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