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Unusual photos: the biggest animals in the world

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From a giant bat to a 250 kg python …
… here are some unusual photos of the biggest animals in the world!

  • A giant whale shark

Do you know what a whale shark looks like, the largest fish in the world? If you’ve never seen one in your life, these Pakistani fishermen haven’t.

These were at the port of Karachi. They were about to start another day of work when they came across this whale shark floating in the harbor’s waters.

Source: cbsnews

Of course, the dead fish had to be taken out of the water, and the fishermen had to bring in five cranes to lift the enormous animal! They were finally able to bring up the giant fish, at the cost of a lot of effort, of course, because rolling up a fish of 12 meters and more than 6 tons is not at all a game!

These fishermen were able to resume their regular work after that. Still, I’m pretty sure the image of this whale shark never left their minds again.

  • The flying fox of the Philippines

Source: uniqueness online

Now look at this picture: […]. You closely analyze the photo of this creature with wings that reminds you of a demon. You immediately think that it is a faked photo, and you decide to close this image again to go about your business.

Wait! This photo is not faked but very real. Your sudden curiosity prompts you to want to know more. After some research, you discover the name of this creature.

It is indeed a “Philippine flying fox,” one of the largest bat species that exist in the world. It owes its name to its redhead, which makes it look like a fox.

Looks like a flying dragon.

This fruit-eating bat that lives only in the Philippines is up to 50cm tall and can weigh around 1.2kg. On the other hand, it has wings with a 1.50 m wingspan, which gives it that scary aspect when it flies.

All of this information is interesting; on the other hand, the images that accompany it gave you a bit of goosebump, didn’t they? Despite this, you go looking for other giant bats on the web.

Well! It wasn’t that bats weren’t interested in you long ago, but suddenly you are fascinated by these flying mammals!

  • Jake: one of the biggest animals in the world.

Do you know Big Jake? It is the giant horse in the world! Here it is : […]. Many people have heard of this Belgian trait which, at the age of 9, broke the record for the tallest horse in the world.

Some did not hesitate to come to the owner’s farm to see him. And there, they fell from the clouds! Because, well, Big Jake measured 2.10 m at the withers and weighed 1180 kg.

But how to mount it?
They stood there watching this giant horse trot around the farm or pull its owner’s wagons, and the more adventurous could even take a little ride on his back!

Of course, that scared them a little bit at first because riding a horse as tall as Big Jake takes a lot of courage. However, they soon realized that this gelding was docile and easy to handle.

After that, they left the farm, happy to have had such a great experience, but above all, glad to have met Big Jake.

  • An unusual photo of a muscular animal.

Source: AsiaOne

Kangaroos are animals known for their agility which they show when jumping. But Roger, a red kangaroo, did not look like his fellows.

Roger lived in a kangaroo sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia. He liked to spend time in groups, with his fellows, lounging and eating fresh grass at will. But this animal grew visibly and became more and more muscular and heavy, so much so that its size reached 2.07 meters for a weight of 90 kg!

According to specialists, this unusual size and highly developed musculature could be due to muscle hypertrophy of genetic origin. Strong and well built, this “bodybuilder” kangaroo spent his time in the sanctuary, surrounded by his companions.

But what he liked most was crushing metal buckets and fighting with his fellows. This sometimes earned him a few injuries that he quickly forgot. Thanks to his impressive build, Roger has become a web star, and even after his death, his photos and videos continue to fascinate more than one!

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