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She earns $ 4,000 a month posting videos of her farting

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Some people make quite a surprising living—the proof with Emma Martin. The married woman and mother of two make a living posting video of her farting on OnlyFans.

A very lucrative activity that she has been practicing for over 20 years. Today, this 48-year-old woman earns no less than $ 4,000 a month, thanks to her subscribers.

  • She posts videos of her farting.

A woman, known by the pseudonym Emma Martin, practices what is known as “flatulence camming.” A unique activity of its kind. And for a good reason! She sells videos on the OnlyFans online service where her 300 subscribers can see her… farting!

But the most astonishing thing is that this married woman and mother of two children earns a strangely good living. Indeed, thanks to his atypical videos, this activity earns him $ 4,200 per month.

$ 7 per minute for a personalized video.

She charges 4.99 dollars monthly to Internet users who want to see videos of her farting. And for those who wish to personalized videos, Emma Martin charges them $ 7 per minute.

Moreover, this 48-year-old woman has been practicing this activity for more than 20 years. “I started camming in 1999 when I was working as a travel agent,” she said.


  • She posts videos of herself farting: a full-time job.

“I thought to myself, ‘If I could buy a webcam and pay for it in a month, I’d be happy.’ But very quickly, I started earning $ 1,000 a week doing the webcam for just a few hours, ”she added.

Over time her side job became so lucrative that in 2005 she decided to quit her job and devote herself to it full time. Emma then launched her website,, which she managed from 2007 to 2011.

A great success.

Today, it is thanks to the coronavirus pandemic that she has gone “from live performances to the production of video content,” she said. “I record a ton of videos when I have the house on my own. So I always have something to publish, ”she explains.

And the least we can say is that the videos of her farting are very popular with Internet users. The latter is, according to Emma Martin, for the most part, professionals. They “look for personalized videos in which I say their name and do things they dare not ask their wives.

  • She posts videos of herself farting: an adapted diet.

Source: elitereaders

this woman even manages to improve her performance thanks to an adapted diet. “I eat a lot of salad, asparagus, and avocados,” she explains. And to add, “I also eat a lot of Mexican food. One of my favorite dishes is coleslaw and mixed cooked beans ”. Originally from Rock Hill, South Carolina, this mother has thought of everything.

Nevertheless, she takes care to only record her videos when her family is not in the house. Because his children do not know anything about his professional activity, her husband is fully aware that she is recording videos of her farting.

“No one in my family knows about it.”
“My husband knows about it, but farts don’t interest him at all,” she says. “No one else in my family knows about it. I don’t think they would agree. But I am an adult woman ”.

After all, Emma Martin has a very original job. Yes, it’s not every day that a person decides to devote his professional life to recording such unusual videos.

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