“My father cut my legs off”: An amputee Nigerian shares his story


David, in Nigerian, was born with two legs. He went for a walk, played sports, got married to a loving woman, and had a child. He lost his mother during this time, and before his death, his mother had left him a piece of land.

This is where it all gets complicated.

David and his father began to have misunderstandings about the piece of land his mother had left him. His father wanted the ground, but David insisted that the land belonged to him because his mother had passed it on to him.

His father wasn’t happy with that, not at all. So one day, while David was in the house resting with his wife and child, he heard a noise outside his home as if someone was cutting plantains from his farm. Hearing the noise, he ran outside to see what was going on and stop the one who was chopping his plantains.

Because the lights were out and because everywhere was so dark, David didn’t see when his father came out of the darkness and hit him with a machete. David’s father cut off his first leg, then the second, hit parts of his body, including his fingers and arms, and was said to have been about to cut off his head when his wife ran out of the house because of David’s cries.

His father ran away, and his wife took him to the hospital. David said that when he woke up after having surgery and saw his legs cut off in that hospital room, he couldn’t believe it. It was terrific, the worst thing he could have imagined.

But even after David and his family returned home to try and see how they could continue with David’s new condition, news came back to his father and stepmother that he was still alive and it was not. Was not good news for them.

According to David, his mother-in-law sent people to finish the job her husband had started. She wanted David dead, and so David had to leave the place where he lived with his family and go to another city to avoid being killed by his father and stepmother.

He also had to find a way to make a living to take care of his wife and child.

Now David says he has accepted the new reality of his life and lives happily because he believes he’s still alive for a reason. He has created a “new set of legs” that help him move more efficiently and help him stand.

He says he forgives his father and has no negative thoughts against him.

It’s such a devastating story to read and so heartbreaking, but luckily David is doing well these days and has found a way to move on.

Watch David’s video below…

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