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Man paralyzed and unable to speak after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

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A Mississippi man who suffered a blood clot after receiving the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine was left paralyzed on one side and unable to speak, his family said.

Brad Malagarie, 43, of St. Martin, suffered a stroke after receiving the single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson last week, the WLOX news channel reported.

This father of seven had spent the morning at his office before going to be vaccinated. When he returned to work three hours later, his co-workers noticed he was still.

“They called me to tell me that he had received this vaccine and that something was wrong. We knew it was a stroke, ”said Celeste Foster O’Keefe, Brad’s aunt.

Brad was reportedly rushed to Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, where he was diagnosed with a stroke. A blood clot had lodged in his left middle cerebral artery.

Celeste Foster, who is also Brad’s boss, said the family believes the vaccine is behind the attack.

According to Celeste, the only health problem Brad had before the vaccine was high blood pressure controlled with medication.

“Now he can’t walk or talk. He is paralyzed on his right side. He knows who we are, and he cries when he sees us, ”Celeste Foster said.

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