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For the location of luggage, a fight breaks out in a plane

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According to the Tunisian press, a fight of rare violence broke out onboard a plane of the national company Tunisair last weekend. The scene was filmed by some passengers and is circulating on social networks.

As explains, the facts took place a few minutes before the plane’s boarding connecting Tunisia to Turkey.

We see through the filmed images several passengers, men, women, and young people who abuse each other in the central aisle of the plane. In the middle, the flight crew is trying as best they can to calm the tensions.

Businesses relying on the statements of a witness indicated that it is the location for the cabin baggage which would be at the origin of this confrontation. Some of the passengers objected to paying the additional fee for placing their belongings. They began to argue that they were entitled to a different location.

For Ghassan Ouji, the representative of the general management of the Tunisian national company, an investigation has been opened. The passengers at the origin of the brawl could be the subject of prosecution.

” This fight caused a five-hour delay, and the company suffered financial losses, ” he told business news.

Photo credit: @DR

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