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YouTubers who have been arrested for their videos

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As you may already know, several YouTubers have already been arrested by the police. Going over the red line is also common because that’s exactly what generates thousands or even millions of views.


Eh yes ! YouTubers can end their careers as quickly as lightning. It’s normal, we can’t afford everything on Youtube, of course! This profession is framed by laws and rules that must be respected. The opposite case puts the YouTuber in irreparable, sometimes tragic, situations. I therefore suggest you discover The 10 YouTubers who were arrested and who saw their careers pass.

Source: Youtube

YouTuber Gerson Albuquerque has really gone too far! By dint of being inspired by the series “La Casa de Papel”, he ended up imagining that he was part of it.

Deeming himself untouchable because of his millions of subscribers, Gerson decided to play the crazy with his friends by entering a prison while wearing Salvador Dali masks and red overalls as seen in more or less, in the Spanish series.

He risked his life and the lives of others.

Not everyone is as smart as the professor of La Casa de Papel because this YouTuber completely missed his joke. The police were quick to arrest the whole gang, and Gerson was no exception.

Source: foozine

The charges attributed to them are heavy. The YouTuber and his companions were caught in the act. This very irresponsible act has brought them regrettable consequences. For a video, the YouTuber is arrested because he risked his life and that of his friends.

Because 21 people had recently died in an attempt to escape the prison, and they could well have been mistaken. You have to believe that making humor to the police in a prison is anything but funny.

Arab Andy Arrested Because Of His Quite Unique Videos

Source: Youtube

Yes it is about playing jokes on people. But not just any. The concept was to let his fans participate in the pranks. So, Arab Andy only had to select an audio message sent by one of his fans and play it at the time of his jokes.

But, unfortunately for him, his last video went very, very badly. Arab Andy went to Washington University with his phone, a large backpack and a chest speaker.

Did you guess? Yes, that’s right!

The joke was to pretend he had a bomb and was ready to set it off. Very funny, eh? The audio message, very realistic, was enough to prove to everyone that a bomb was about to explode.

Source: komonews

Panic was at its height throughout the university. Fortunately, in a very short time, the police intervened, and it was quickly realized that he was not carrying an explosive device.

The YouTuber is arrested anyway because this kind of joke is in no way funny for the authorities. It is moreover a war crime that he committed. Was it really worth it?

The youtubeur Amine and his regrettable act

Source: youtube capture

Amin is a YouTuber who practices what is called “Rooftopping”. It’s an adrenaline-fueled sport that basically involves jumping from one roof to another. Naturally, this kind of video attracts Internet users and generates a lot of views.

As usual, he only climbs the rooftops with his camera because without his camera, what is the point of going there? His goal is to show people what he can do.

But there! it’s not legal at all

Because to access the roofs you have to enter private properties. So in order not to get caught, it is during the night that he exercises his favorite activity. Thus, the thrills can be multiplied and it would minimize the risks.

Except… Not at all! He and his friend are caught in the act. After making a beautiful video, he gets caught by the New York police which he could not escape.

Austin Jones had to think hard before


Of all the Youtubers who’ve been arrested, Austin Jones is probably the one who deserves it the most. Because this young man of 26 years old today, was arrested in 2017 for having asked his fans to make pornographic videos for him when they were only 14 years old.

Worse yet, he abused their naivety to convince them to make these very obscene videos . He almost literally told them “if you are my biggest fans, you will accept, otherwise I will look for someone else”.


The videos showed very young girls undressing and screaming their age… No need for more details! Already in 2015, he had done much the same by asking his fans to film himself dancing twerk.

After confessing all his crimes, his place is indeed in tin! He has long been worshiped, but now the YouTuber has stopped and his mask is off.

Monalisa Perez did a regrettable act

Source: leparisien

A strange idea came to Pedro Ruiz fiance of Monalisa Perez. Willing to do anything to increase its audience on Youtube. He asked her to shoot him through a book as he believed he was thick enough to stop the bullet.

Go so far as to take such a risk for views, it is just not being aware that it is suicide. Because, yes! He died of it, and his fiancée Monalisa was convicted of manslaughter when she was 7 months pregnant.

She also naively believed that shooting her through a book might not kill her mate. Moreover, Pedro had even proved to him that it was without risk since he had already experienced it another day.

A very tragic situation for the 19-year-old who sees her future crumble after she herself causes the death of her fiance, barely 22 years old. Poor Monalisa …

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