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McDonald’s to stop selling plastic bottles

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McDonald’s has just confirmed in a press release that it would no longer offer bottled water in its 1,500 French restaurants by the end of the year. A world-first for the American fast-food chain.
Today, the latter is testing concepts in a dozen restaurants in France to replace plastic bottles. For now, McDonald’s has not yet decided which solution to opt for.

McDonald’s: the end of plastic bottles

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After straws, McDonald’s would like to end plastic bottles. And for a good reason! “The brand distributed, each year, more than 75 million plastic bottles,” recalls the American fast-food chain in a press release.

But the French management decided to put an end to it. Indeed, McDonald’s has just confirmed that it would no longer offer bottled water in its 1,500 French restaurants by the end of the year.

A favorable reception

Which is world-first for the brand. However, the water is obviously not going to disappear by the end of the year. It will simply no longer be served in plastic bottles at McDonald’s.

Moreover, tests are currently being carried out in several McDonald’s outlets to replace plastic bottles. “In restaurants hosting the tests, customers have expressed great satisfaction with this measure,” the statement said.

What is McDonald’s going to replace plastic bottles with?

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However, you are probably wondering what McDonald’s will replace these famous plastic bottles with. Well, the chain has yet to decide which solution it intends to go for.

Nevertheless, it seems that the chain will adopt a Sodastream water fountain system for professionals. In any case, it will not be long before we discover the new solution that will allow the brand to serve water.

Zero plastic in 2021

In the meantime, Nawfal Trabelsi, CEO of McDonald’s France, explained to RTL the interest in putting an end to plastic bottles. He said: “Whenever we have the capacity to stop the use of disposable plastic, we have to do it.”

And to add: “We are doing it today with the plastic bottle, and that meets a solid support of our customers.” Now, the company’s goal is to achieve zero single-use plastics by 2021.

McDonald’s Ends Plastic Bottles: Straws Are Already Gone

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Moreover, the company has already come a long way to achieve its ends. “More than 97% of service packaging used in restaurants is already made from more environmentally friendly materials, such as paper or cardboard, and all will be by June 2021”, recalls McDonald’s.

In fact, in 2019, the brand had eliminated plastic straws. This has enabled it to reduce its plastic consumption by 4000 tonnes per year. More so, McDonald’s has also recently put an end to plastic children’s toys from its Happy Meal menus.

The company is reducing its plastic consumption.

And according to its calculations, the company has reduced its plastic consumption by 3,000 tonnes. Today, with the withdrawal of water bottles, between 1,000 and 1,500 tonnes of plastics should be saved again by McDonald’s.

A decision that did not fail to delight environmentalists but also a multitude of French consumers. After all, plastic bottles are some of the most common litter on beaches. It is even one of the biggest water polluters on the planet.


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