Predictions of the two Champions League battles .. Who will pass and who will leave?


The fun and excitement continue in the mother of club football tournaments in the world on Wednesday evening, as the European Champions League competition witnesses Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich of Germany. At the same time, Chelsea of ​​England faces Porto in the quarter-finals of the champions.

Bayern Munich, the European Champions League titleholder, is a heavyweight guest at Saint-Germain at nine o’clock in the evening Cairo time, ten in Mecca time, eleventh in UAE time.

On the same day and date, Porto, Portugal, will receive their English guest, Chelsea, on the ground of “Ramon Sanchez Bethjuan.”

Who crosses?

In exclusive statements to “Sky News,” Angel Lopez Perez, the Spanish coach of the Greek team Volos, analyzes the confrontation of Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich, saying: “I think that Paris Saint-Germain has a singular tendency, unlike Bayern Munich, as a team whose members have played together for a long time, and they have an idea. And a firm playing philosophy, while Paris Saint-Germain relies more on individual talents. ”

The Spanish coach continues: “In Saint-Germain, the coach was changed recently, which made a precarious way of playing in French domestic competitions.”

Angel explains: “I think that the new confrontation of Paris Saint-Germain against the team that won its title in the final last year will be frighteningly difficult for the Parisian team.”

And the Spanish coach, active in the Greek League, is about his expectations for the confrontation: “I see that the preference is in favor of Bayern Munich because it is a team that has great potential and enormous capabilities and plays in a larger collective group.”

And on Porto’s confrontation against Chelsea, Ahmed Samir, technical analyst, comments in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”: It is a relatively equal match, physical aspects, and distinctive tactical form characterize the two first leg will witness some caution from both teams. ”

Samir continues: “Chelsea have players with an experience like Kante, but his injury will affect the London team. Also, Oliver Giroud is an important card, and there is a possibility for Kante to catch up with the match. The English team seeks to overcome the heavy defeat against West Bromwich locally and has the motivation.”

The technical analyst complements his statements about the Portuguese team: “Porto has the advantage of playing at home, and has proven to be a strong team, after it overtook Juventus, one of the biggest in Europe.”

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