I was married to a man who turned into a snake,


A married woman recounted her terrifying experience with her ex-husband, who behaved like a snake in real life.

The lady who requested anonymity when sharing her story via “LifeMatters” wrote:

“ I was married to a man for two years without knowing he was a snake. I have heard countless stories that seem very mysterious to me, but I never knew I would share mine one day.

I got married to this man I met in a supermarket, and he was very cool. We met while we were shopping in the same department, I wanted to choose from the different detergents’ brands on the shelf, and he walked over and pointed to one of the detergents. He said it had a great scent, and it was nice to make the clothes clean, so I took it, and we started talking, and that’s how we met.

He asked for my number, and we started talking on the phone and having dates. I didn’t meet any of his family, but he was lovely. We fell in love and started planning our wedding. I asked to meet his family, but he avoided the question because I loved him; I didn’t think much about it.

On our wedding day, he came with his parents and some of his family, and I was so happy. We moved in together, and it was fun living together. He bought me a car and made me feel comfortable with him. He even went to open a store for me where I could sell a variety of products.

However, there was something about him that I didn’t quite understand. He built a minimal structure at the bottom of the house he said he used for late-night prayers. I didn’t seem to know why he wanted to pray anywhere other than in the bedroom, and when I asked him, he said he didn’t want to bother me.

One day, he was out; I searched the whole house for the keys to this little room and finally saw it. I went downstairs and opened the room, and to my surprise, what I saw baffled me. I saw a snakeskin that looked like it had recently shed its skin.

I was scared but calmed down and played along. I thought about asking him but didn’t want to cause any awkward situation, so I fell asleep as he was about to do customary prayers.

When he got up to leave, I opened my eyes and started to follow him without him knowing.

He didn’t look back, and he kept walking as he opened the door; I stayed away to watch what he was doing. He fell to the ground like someone whose life had been taken from him. I wanted to run to meet him but waited to see if anything more would happen; he started to twist like a snake.

I was so shocked and wanted to scream, but I covered my mouth with my hands, and tears started to flow from my eyes.

I was so scared, so I ran upstairs to get my phone to call my pastor, but he came in and begged me to stop and said he was sorry he didn’t have told me all along. ”

Likewise, Nenohwe village residents in Zimbabwe were in shock after a woman was caught at a friend’s house nursing a giant snake.

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