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Justin Bieber breaks down in gang neighborhood and gets humiliated

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Recently, famous singer Justin Bieber ran out of gas in a gang neighborhood. And the least we can say is that he is not about to forget this mishap one day.
Indeed, the gang members demanded that the artist sing and do a series of pumps. All filmed by witnesses to the scene. A moment that, unsurprisingly, has gone viral.

Justin Bieber breaks down in a gang neighborhood.

It is well known, the life of Justin Bieber has changed a lot in recent years. After having had addiction problems and multiplied scandals, things are back to normal for the famous singer.

Yes, thanks to religion and his marriage to model Hailey Baldwin, the artist now seems to have settled down. However, the one who has just bought a Rolls Royce has been talked about again for a reason as unexpected as it is surprising.

The singer does a series of pomp.

Indeed, he set the canvas on fire despite himself following an amusing mishap, to say the least. And for a good reason! Justin Bieber’s car ran out of gas in a gang neighborhood.

Faced with such a situation, the artist decided to get out of his vehicle to greet his fans. But the latter have shown themselves to be demanding, to say the least. After taking selfies with the music star, they asked the singer to go for a push-up streak.

Justin Bieber down in the neighborhood of a gang: Internet users react

Source: maifm

And that’s not all! They also wished Justin Bieber would sing A Capella. Of course, the artist performed without delay while the witnesses of the scene filmed this unprecedented moment.

This gave rise to an incredible sequence that made the rounds of social networks and aroused many reactions from Internet users. One can read in particular among the comments: “I’m dead he’s a bad tomb there he gives everything to survive.”

“One of the best videos.”

But also: “This is one of the best videos he was clearly scared of.” Meanwhile, another person said: “they had the choice to take money from him; they preferred to do a pump session, the crappy gang in the world.”

Thus, according to several Internet users, Justin Bieber was truly humiliated by the gang following his breakdown. However, this astonishing video footage also elicited more skeptical reactions.

Justin Bieber down in a gang neighborhood: a publicity stunt?

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The reason? Well, some people wonder if this was not just a publicity stunt. And this is not wrong! Justin Bieber could very well have contacted a loved one to come to his aid after being down in the neighborhood of a gang.

As a result, many Internet users suspect the star of having wanted to pretend to be close to poor neighborhoods and populations, especially since the singer has not always shown his fans’ greatest kindness.

But what is it really? We don’t know. Anyway, this video made a lot of Internet users laugh. After all, it’s not every day that Justin Bieber finds himself visibly broken down in the middle of a gang.

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