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Britain confirms the detection of dozens of cases of blood clots after receiving the “AstraZeneca” vaccine

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The British health authorities confirmed, on Thursday, that they had detected 30 rare cases of blood clots following the use of the “AstraZeneca” vaccine against the emerging corona virus.

The authorities had announced that they had detected five cases at the beginning, meaning that the last outcome increased by 25 new cases.

The Medicines and Health Care Products Regulatory Agency said it had not received any reports of clots after using the vaccine made by the US company, “Pfizer”.

Despite this, officials emphasized that they still believed that the benefits of the vaccine with protection against Covid-19 greatly outweighed the potential risk of blood clots.

Some countries have suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine on their territories, and other countries have resumed vaccination campaigns with its use after the suspension.

Investigations are still ongoing regarding reports of rare blood clots, sometimes severe, after receiving the vaccine.

On March 18, the local health authorities revealed the detection of five rare cases of stroke, among about 11 million people who received the vaccine.

The authorities raised the total number of cases, Thursday, after reports reported that 22 cases of thrombosis were recorded in the cerebral venous sinuses, which is a rare medical case of thrombosis, in addition to 8 other cases of thrombosis coinciding with low blood platelets, out of 18.1 million people who received the vaccine.

On the other hand, Germany announced, on Tuesday, that it would restrict the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for people under the age of 60, after 31 cases of a rare blood clot in the brain were recorded, which resulted in nine deaths.

The Paul Ehrlich Institute had documented 31 cases of strokes in the cerebral veins, and said that 19 of them had suffered from a deficiency of blood platelets.

Two women, ages 20 and 63, died, and two men, ages 36 and 57, died.

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