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Videos documenting a conversation between the officer accused of killing Floyd and one of his colleagues

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On Wednesday, a court in Minneapolis, Minnesota, heard an eyewitness who had encountered a former police officer, Derek Chauvin, accused of killing a black American, George Floyd, on May 25 of last year.

In the second court session held in the case, attendees watched a video clip of a conversation between the prosecution witness, Charles Macmillian, and Chauvin, who was also present during the hearing.

The conversation, which was captured by a camera attached to the policeman’s white uniform, took place minutes after Floyd was transferred to an ambulance after Chauvin pressed his neck among passers-by.

Macmillian can be heard telling to Chauvin, who was sitting in the police car: “I do not respect what I did.”

The officer defends himself, saying, “We should have controlled this man because he is large, and it seems that he is probably under the influence of a drug.”

Floyd was killed by the policeman after he kneeled on his neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds, despite the man’s plea to him and bystanders to leave him, due to his inability to breathe.

The grocery accountant who received a counterfeit $ 20 from George Floyd, who was the reason for calling the police, said he felt “guilty” for his arrest and subsequent killing.

Chuven’s defense team tries to show that the officer has only done what his job dictates, and that angry bystanders distracted his work.

The former policeman faces several charges, and his sentence may reach 40 years in prison.

The killing of Floyd caused a sensation, and the “Black Lives Matter” campaign was launched last year throughout the United States and some countries of the world.

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