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What are the causes of the mysterious nervous disease that killed Canadians? Worried residents are looking for an answer

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Canadian authorities have monitored the death of five people from a mysterious brain disease that afflicted dozens of its citizens over the past years, similar to infection with mad cow disease, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation “CBC”.

The “CBC” reported that the cases that afflicted 43 people at least have similar symptoms in a type of rare brain disorder known as “Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease” and the mutations resulting from it, including mad cow disease, but they do not belong to any of them.

And health experts in New Brunswick are trying to solve the mystery of this mysterious disease and how it infected dozens of its citizens.

According to the network, the first case was diagnosed in the region in 2015, and cases have continued to rise since that time.

In 2020, the Canadian authorities detected 24 cases of the disease, and six additional cases appeared since the beginning of this year.

According to the mayor of Bertrand, Yvonne Godin, residents of the area are now “very anxious” because of the disease.

Godin stressed that citizens are confused about whether the infection is related to a specific type of meat, or if the disease is contagious.

For his part, the neurologist, Neil Cashman, said that after the autopsy of three bodies of those who died due to their unknown injury, he did not notice any evidence of similarity between him and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and confirmed that it was “a surprise to me.”

Cashman stressed the importance of verifying the nature of this disease, in particular “if there is something new in its essence.”

Although he did not confirm the matter, the doctor believes that the mysterious disease “is consistent with the idea of ​​environmental toxins,” since the infected cases belonged to certain regions only.

While investigations into the disease are still ongoing, Cashman said that when its results will emerge and the exact cause of the disease are still unknown, as it may appear within a week or within a year.

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