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Tired of loud prayers, the man buys church and expels worshipers

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A Nigerian Twitter follower with the handle @MrOdanz drove social media users into hysteria after telling the story of a man who bought out a church and sacked its members. The pastor added that the facts took place in his neighborhood.

According to him, the church in question is known to disturb peace with incessant noises.

According to the narrator’s version, the man who bought the said church is a calm and influential person in the community but did not like the neighborhood’s noise.

It’s a disaster to be home on Sunday because the church would explode its instruments amid song and dance. They were warned to reduce noise, but they neglected it. All the attempts made to call them to order have proved in vain.

Feeling anger at their actions and getting rid of the faithful in the neighborhood, a wealthy and frustrated man bought back the building that housed the church and drove out all church members, thus restoring peace and tranquility.

“ There was a church located somewhere across my street that tormented residents with noise/prayers. The man living on the other side of their fence bought their property last month and evicted them. It was after several efforts to get them to reduce their noise. God is good, ” wrote Kelvin Odanz.

Last month, a family filed a lawsuit after a son donated the family home as seed to Christ Embassy Church in Warri, Delta State in Nigeria.

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